Platform Beds

A Guide to Platform Beds

Choosing out of the multitude of platform beds can be just as difficult as choosing from among any other variety of furniture. The choice of platform bed that you make will determine how comfortable you are each night, and how long the bed itself will last. Platform beds can range from well built to those with cheaper construction that may only last a few years before falling apart. Read on to discover some potential pitfalls when it comes to purchasing platform beds. You'll sleep better each night, and have the comfort of knowing that your platform bed is going to last at least a decade or more.

Platform beds have become a very popular trend in the past few years. As such, competition has grown fierce in that market. Although there are many great brands of platform beds, there are more and more low quality manufacturers cropping up every day. Be sure that you get the best of the platform beds by doing a little research. This guide will help you in selecting higher quality platform beds that will not disappoint you. There are a couple of easy tips that can really save you a great deal of money, as well as frustration. Choosing the wrong platform bed can mean restless nights and bad construction.

The first surprise that many people get when they purchase platform beds is that not all mattresses are going to work with their bed. Before buying platform beds, be sure to ask a sales representative which brands of mattress are known to work with the bed. Perhaps even more important in selecting platform beds is whether or not the bed has slats or supports for the mattress. Some manufacturers will leave out slats in order to save money, making their beds unable to work with just a mattress. To use platform beds without slats, you will have to place at least one or possibly even two box springs underneath first.

You may be surprised by the number of platform beds that require this inconvenience. The box springs generally end up making the entire arrangement look rather awkward. Before buying platform beds, be sure to check for the presence of slats. Although platform beds without slats might be less expensive, you will regret purchasing them, even if you do have a box spring to place in it. Platform beds without slats generally tend to be of fairly low quality, so other things are likely to be wrong with the bed.

Speaking of quality, you will also want to check to see what the bed is actually made out of. Less expensive beds may be made of inferior materials that will compromise the bed overall. Many cheap platform beds will have a mahogany or oak finish, while underneath the bed is actually made out of particle board or other less durable materials. Some cheap platform beds may even have components made out of cardboard. These inferior materials will end up lasting only a few years, if that. Even if you are spending a considerable amount on a platform bed, be sure to check around to see if the brand is actually made of sturdy materials.

Take your time when shopping for platform beds and be sure to do a little research before investing in a piece of furniture you hope to have for years. If you buy a cheaper platform bed, you may end up disappointed with how comfortable is, and even more so by how soon it ends up falling apart on you.