Platform Beds

The Pluses to Platform Beds

Platform beds have always been popular in some places around the globe, but for some reason they haven't always been popular in the United States. It's only as of recently that platform beds have become popular in the States. Before that, platform beds were very popular in Europe and in Asia. So, what makes these economical platform beds so popular? Well, according to some, because platform beds sit close to the floor, those sleeping in the bed stay cooler at night. Many also like that it's so much easier to get out of bed when you are sleeping in platform beds. That is helpful for a lot of people.

In Japan, platform beds are said to bring good fortune. Now, many couples do believe this about economical platform beds as they increase the romance in the bed. I know that is something many of you could have done without hearing, but some might find that intriguing. The fact that the platform beds don't require box springs makes it that the feelings last a lot longer as you don't have to worry about the box springs going out in platform beds. Women simply like it because with some platform beds, this means extra space as some of them have storage containers under the base, so things you don't want on show but which need to be stored can be stowed away out of sight. Other people like platform beds simply because with platform beds sitting so low to the floor, they don't have to sweep under there anymore. Lazy, maybe - but great, definitely!

Platform beds also give rooms their own special touch. They offer more room in rooms that seem smaller. Platform beds also give rooms style which many people are after. Due to the fact that so many people love the style of platform beds, the platform beds are very popular and affordable now. They are cheaper because you aren't paying for the box springs that you have to buy with a regular old bed. More couples prefer this bed as it is more relaxing to lie in and share for some reason, though many couples can't put their finger on it as to exactly why they prefer platform beds.

Platform beds can be made of either wood or metal much like bunk beds or any beds can be made of. Many people think that platform beds will be heavy, but this is a myth. They actually tend to be lighter and therefore are easier to maneuver around the room. It has been proven that platform beds even improve health. There isn't as much dust as there normally is with the box spring beds. So, platform beds make the allergy sufferer very happy. I know I was when I got my platform bed. A lot of my night-time sinus problems were gone!

You can even use a platform bed frame with your sleep number bed. Many people think they are left out of the loop when they have the specialized mattresses, but if the measurements are right, then you can use it.

There are a number of reasons that people are using the platform beds. We just listed a few of the reasons. These of course are the better reasons, but don't you want to find your own? We've done our job by telling you about them now it's up to you to go get one and try it for yourself. While you are said to spend a third of your life in bed, those with platform beds have said they would love to spend more time if they could.